Travel Money Tips for Best Vacation You Can Get

Do you know the first important thing that you need to consider, when you want to have vacation? The answer is your budget. Without right budget management, you bond to have problem in your vacation. So, here are some of travel money tips that you can use, to avoid the problem in your vacation.

Travel Money Tips for Best Vacation You Can Get

Buy Currency

When you want to go to other countries, make sure you buy their currency before you leave. Yes, you can change your money with that countries currency at the hotel or other place in that country. But, most of them will charge you with higher commission fee. So, you won’t get as much as what it should be.


Do not hesitate to haggle when you buy souvenir in other country. You may think this is difficult to do, because you don’t speak that and don’t understand that country language. However, most of store where you can bargain has easy way to bargain. Usually, you just need to show them how much you are willing to pay for product that you want with using calculator or similar device. Then, you will get the best price, which means save your money.

Make Detailed Plan

Make sure you plan everything that you want to do in your vacation, such as what you want to buy, the hotels and many more. If you use travel agent, they will have detailed schedule. But, you may need to spend your own money for buying the souvenir and such. You can always use internet to find the information about price of the souvenir and culinary that you can buy at your vacation destination.

Tipping Customs

Giving a tip is important, when you travel to other places. However, you also need to know the customs or habit in that country for tipping. That way you don’t need to worry about giving too much tips. Plus, you also can save more money with this information.


Pay attention to your surrounding and keep your wallet in safest place. It would be better, if you split your money and place the rest of your money in other place other than your wallet. Although you don’t want to be victim of pickpocket, but if you get the problem, you won’t need to worry about your money. You have the backup. If you can follow those money tips, you will be able to get best experiences as travellers.

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