Safety Tips When You Stay at Hotels in Your Vacation

When you travel, most of you will stay at hotels, don’t you? In fact, hotel is the most important part of your vacation. This is the place, where you relax, rest and prepare your body and mind for your travel to the next destination on the next day. However, you can let your guard down, when you stay at hotel. You also need to be aware, so you won’t be victim of crime. Here, some tips to keep yourself safe when you stay at hotel in your vacation.

Safety Tips When You Stay at Hotels in Your Vacation

The Luggage

Stay close with your luggage. Most of people, unconsciously leave their luggage, and just enter the lobby to check in. This will only give the thief a chance to snatch your luggage. And, if you keep your clothes and other document inside your luggage, you will have big problem here.

The Room Floor

According to the safety expert, the room on the ground floor is easy to break in. Therefore, when you want to stay at a hotel, ask for room on the upper floor. The best floor is from third to sixth floors. The rooms in these floors are difficult to break in.


There are several things that you need to notice, when you are checking-in in some hotels.

  • The first one is your room number and your name. Honest staff won’t let other people know your name and room. However, there are some staffs that will say your room’s number out loud. If this happen, you need to ask other room, because you don’t know what will happen, if other people or that staff’s accomplice hear it. 
  • When you want to use your credit card, do not just place it on the counter table. Thief can easily see the numbers with camera. So, keep it in your hands. And, when the staff returns it to you, check it, and make sure it’s not fake or other’s credit card.
  • You also need to get business card of the hotel where you stay. You need to have two business cards, where you place one of them near the phone in your room, so you can easily call the staff when you need help. And, carry the other hand in your wallet or pocket. So, if you are lost, you can ask taxi driver to take you to your hotel.

Basically, those are what you need to pay more attention, when you stay at hotel. Those tips will help you to avoid many problems that usually happen on many travellers. With them, you will get best vacation.

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