Best Places to Vacation in the USA

U.S. travel information will allow you to access all pieces of information related to travel destination, places to stay, and many more. Here is the list of places you can go when you have a trip to USA.

Best Places to Vacation in the USA

New York City

Even though New York City is always crowded and evolving in a constant way, this city can blend the splendor of big city with the charm of small town. You can also feel the different vibrant culture of each neighborhood. The city is famous for the skyscrapers and the iconic landmarks.

If you want to visit the hipster boutique or trendy coffee shops and also the bakeries with yummy snacks, you can go to the East Village. For the art enthusiasts, you can go to the Met and MoMa to watch the Broadway.


The next best place for vacation in the USA is Philadelphia. It is rich of historical heritage and also the most visited cities among others in this country. Before it is moved to the Washington DC, Philadelphia was the capital city of USA.

This city will give you the interesting nightlife at night and museums in the daylight. Restaurants are so many and you can taste one by one when you are visiting Philly.

Honolulu – Oahu

Oahu is the place when the luxurious look of cosmopolitan meets the stunning views in Hawaiian island. As the capital city, this city shows the urban appeal of the island. Historic and cultural sites blend really well with the nightlife. You really cannot miss anything happen in this city because it is like heaven on earth.


Maui offers anything you can ask from Hawaii. Even though it is not as crowded as Oahu, small like Lanai or large like the Big Island, this place just feels right. Ranging from professional hula dancers to the snorkeling spots down there, you may get why this place could be one of best places to visit in USA.

Grand Canyon

We all agree that Grand Canyon is one of the must-visit places when you travel to USA. This is also included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites managed by the National Park Service. However, this place is pretty crowded in nowadays. The South Rim will be the popular place for all tourists. Meanwhile, the North Rim is the popular spot among the hardcore hikers. Still, Grand Canyon makes a nice vacation travel.

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