Best Islands in the World for Vacation

Choosing vacation destination can be really difficult task to do. There are many reasons why you can face this predicament. One of them is too many options out there. So, to help you to get that problem solved, here we short them up for you. These are best islands in the world you can choose for vacation.

Best Islands in the World for Vacation

Santorini Island

This island is well-known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The scenery as well as the architecture in this island will be able the please your eyes and heart. And that’s not all. You also can find beautiful beaches as well as the remains of Greek ancient kingdom. It feels like you’re entering the whole new world.

Close to Santorini, try to visit Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni for amazing experiences. Then, you also can explore Ancient Thera to see the remains of ancient kingdom from closer distance. Plus, from this place, you also can enjoy beautiful scenery of the caldera.

Oahu Island

Located in Hawaii and this is one of the biggest island in this paradise. Honolulu is also located in this island. What you can find in Oahu is combination between natural scenery and modern area. So, if you visit this island, you just need to go to the North Shore, and you will find the amazing natural area.

Beautiful beach, trekking route, biking area and many other adventures can be found here. Then, for experiencing the vacation travel in modern area, just go to Honolulu. This island is complete package for your vacation.


This is the well-known paradise that everyone must visit once in their lifetime. Bali is the island where you can get everything that you need. If you want to enjoy the beautiful nature scenery, you can find it here. Beaches, paddy field, mountain, sacred forest, you just named it, and Bali has all of them for you.

For you who want to have fun and great nightlife, Bali also has many clubs and bar for you. For food traveler, Balinese cuisine has ability to, not only satisfy your palate, but also give you different experiences in tasting.

The last but not least, Bali is the home of more than 60 challenging surfing spots for adrenaline seeker. It’s like skiptrace, where you might get confused and can’t decide what you want to do and visit in Bali. But, you don’t to be troubled. Just choose one, and guaranteed you will get the best vacation in your life.

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