Best Island Destinations in the World

Do you want to have vacation in the best islands in the world? Actually, there are many best travel countries where you can find these islands. What you need to do is choosing the right island in order to get best vacation. So, here are some of best choices you can choose for your vacation.

Best Island Destinations in the World

Phuket Island

This is the Thailand’s largest island. Located in Southern Thailand, this island is the best destination you can choose, if you want to escape from this world and visit the real paradise on Earth. Phuket has beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear sea around it. There is also beautiful cliff structure on some of beaches in this island, which make it like totally different world.

The best of all, you don’t need to spend too much money in Phuket Island. Everything that you can get in this island is available at affordable price. Food, hotel and even different accommodations, like spa or tours, can be purchased without spending too much money. This island is also well-known as top tourist destination of Thailand. Therefore, you will find many facilities that will help tourist and foreigner.

British Virgin Islands

For travelers who want to experiences the classy and premium island vacation, this is the best choice. Everything here is made for high class travelers. The hotel, service, facilities and accommodation are the best in the world.

More than that, you also can enjoy the high class vacation, like touring with yacht; enjoy private beach and many other. This island is the best place, if you want to escape from your stressful daily routine. If you want to know more, you can always use us travel information for more references.

Corfu Island

The scenery and condition in this island is used by Shakespeare for his story. Therefore, you can expect some of beautiful scenery here. The green landscape is the most interesting part of this island. And, if you visit this field, you also can find the scent of olives and citrus. It’s so relaxing.

Corfu Island also has many areas you must visit. For example, you can go to Palaio Frourio. You will find magnificent architecture masterpiece you can capture with your camera here. Or, you also can go to Corfu Museum of Asian Art, for enjoying the beautiful art from many artist and era. Basically, you will get the best experience in your vacation trip here.

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