6 Places You Must Visit in Bali


Do you have any plan for your vacation this year? At least once in your lifetime, you must visit Bali. The warm weather will help you to escape from the cold winter. Moreover, you can find many websites and online travel portal that can help you to have a vacation in Bali. However, if you need information about the best destinations you can visit in Bali, here, we have what you need.

6 Places You Must Visit in Bali

Tanah Lot Temple

Bali is the island of temples. You can find many beautiful temples here. And, Tanah Lot temple is one of them. Located on top of a rock cliff, you can see its greatness from afar. The sea around the temple creates beautiful scenery and magnificent sound when the waves hit the cliff at the bottom of the temple. But, the best of all, you also can see one of the most beautiful sunsets, from the area around the temple.

Uluwatu Temple

It has a similar location like Tanah Lot temple. Uluwatu Temple also was built on the cliff of the Bukit peninsula. You also can see the beautiful sunset here. Moreover, you can enjoy the Kecak Fire Dance performance. The performance starts just before the sunset. And, the climax of the dance match with the sunset, which creates magical scenery you won’t find elsewhere.

Besakih Temple

Besakih is the mother temple and the biggest temple in Bali. You also can find it as one of the main recommendations from your online travel agent. Unlike the first two temples, Besakih was built on the foot of Mount Agung. You can find many temples set in this big temple complex.

Kuta Beach

The main destination for all tourists, therefore you must visit it. It said that this beach has the most beautiful sunset scenery in the world. Moreover, you also can try surfing here. Unfortunately, you won’t find any challenging wave here. This beach is suitable for beginner to the intermediate level surfer.

Sanur Beach

Here, you can find many beach resorts. You can relax and lazy around on this beach. This is a perfect choice, for you who want to escape from your stressful routine. Near the beach, you also can find the unique temple, the Blanjong Temple. Le Mayeur Museum is another destination near Sanur Beach. Basically, you can get many things by choosing Sanur Beach as one of your vacation destination in Bali.

Nusa Lembongan

Make a time to go to this small island near the main Bali Island. Nusa Lembongan has beautiful scenery and white sand beach. The diving spot around this island holds one of the most beautiful underwater scenery in the world. So, do not forget to try snorkeling or diving. This is the best destination for a one day trip when you stay in Bali during your vacation.

Those are the best places to go in bali. Ask the travel agency that you want to use to know more about your vacation schedule. Make sure, you have a chance to visit all of those places.

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