The Reason Why You Have to Go to Bali Right Away

Bali is a must visit-island if you are visiting Indonesia. There are several best places to go in bali and it will be incomplete if you don’t go there. Indeed, it will be an unforgettable traveling which you have to share with your friends and family.

The Reason Why You Have to Go to Bali Right Away

Tanah Lot Temple 

Do you want to visit a temple which located in the middle of a sea? You can just go to Bali and visit a place known as Tanah Lot Temple or Pura Tanah Lot. This iconic temple is located 20 kilometers from the northwest of Kuta. The best part of this temple is on its outstanding natural scenery including rocks, waves, blue sea water, and sunset.

Too bad, you are not allowed to enter the temple but at least you can see the great architecture. Due to the location, you have to go there at low tide so you can get closer to the temple. Then, you can take some pictures to share with your friends.

There are several restaurants and cafes at the clifftop and you can enjoy the delicious menu including Luwak coffee while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Mount Batur 

For those who love trekking, you may ask the reputable online travel agent about Mount Batur in Bali. It will be your best trekking experience because you are about to trek to the 1.700-meter summit of Mount Batur. Your effort is worth it because you can enjoy the most beautiful sunrise at the peak along with mist and caldera.

It is also an extreme trekking to do because you are about to trek in an active volcano. You have to spend around two to three hours to go to the peak. Then, you can try a unique breakfast, a boiled egg which is boiling on the steam of the active volcano. Just make sure that you go there on a clear day so you can see the fantastic scenery.

Ubud Monkey Forest 

Monkey is one of the holy animals in Bali. If you are curious about the monkeys you can just go to an interesting place in Bali known as Ubud Monkey Forest. You just need to take a walk for about 10 minutes from the town center in Ubud. Just prepare your camera to shoot several grey long-tailed macaques monkeys and they are free.

Besides enjoying the monkeys, this is also a great opportunity to learn more about some rare plants. There is also a temple you can see known as Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal. Just make sure that you know what to do and what you don’t have to do when you are visiting Ubud Monkey Forest for your own safety.

Ubud Art and Culture 

How about if you want to buy some unique gifts before leaving Bali? It is not a big deal because you just need to go to Ubud Art and Culture. Here, you can enjoy the art collection by visiting the local museums and galleries.

The closest area to the Ubud Monkey Forest is the Agung Rai Museum of Art and the Neka Art Museum. Then, you can buy the unique gifts you want at the Ubud Art Market.
The point is that you can just set a holiday to Bali right away.

The thing you have to do is preparing everything by finding the complete information from a trusted online travel agent and get ready to enjoy those places.

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