The Most Popular Online Travel Agent that Can Serve You Best

There are many OTA (Online Travel Agent) brands which are ready to serve your year-end holiday needs. The following sites have prepared several promos and vacation packages to various interesting destinations. Let's check out the best and the most popular travel agent sites you must visit to prepare for a year-end vacation.


Airbnb serves home accommodation services that allow users to register or rent a property for the short term use. The rental price is determined by the property owner. Airbnb was founded in August 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For those who are backpackers, this site is most suitable because it offers a fairly cheap price from the property owner. Most owners rent empty rooms in their homes. And you can also get the experience as a local resident in the area you visit.


Agoda was originally founded in 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand. This online travel agent offers the "Best Price Guarantee", giving the same price, sometimes even cheaper than other sites. If you want to spend your holiday in the Asia Pacific region, this site is very appropriate because it often provides promos. For your information, this company applies prepayments for rooms booked. So you have to prepare a credit card in advance! 

Founded in 1996 in the capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam, this small internet-based travel company has successfully become one of the largest corporate travel agents in the world. If you intend to have a trip abroad, you must try the service. With this brand, you will get access to millions of hotels scattered in several countries with attractive destinations.

Supported with accurate information, this site describes all the benefits that you will be getting when staying at a hotel. For the payment method, you can pay directly at the hotel at check in or check out time.


Those who live in Indonesia must know Traveloka. The company provides airline ticket booking and hotel rooms with a focus on the domestic travel. Traveloka has an operational base in Jakarta. This online travel agent greatly facilitates customers in ordering. You can pay using a credit card, transfer an ATM or pay at Alfamart and Indomaret.


Expedia is one of the US travel companies that owns and operates several international i travel agents, one of them is the Expedia has many choices for hotel rooms for you. You can book a hotel room only, or a package that includes airline tickets and hotel rooms. For Expedia, you can do two payment methods. First, you can pay directly at the hotel and the second, you can choose to pay in advance.


Valadoo is quite popular among travellers because it offers convenient facilities in the tour package to all provinces in Indonesia, as well as  the other Asian and American countries, including the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

You can choose any type of tour you want to join, including traveling to the beach and the island, visiting the art and culture spots, sports and adventure, even photography events.

Valadoo also has a travel blog called Jelajah, which can be accessed from their site. It collaborated with CIMB Niaga, a local bank in Indonesia so that every transaction made using CIMB clicks on the Valadoo site, a discount of Rp 500,000 ($ 48) will be given.

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