Places to Travel in Bali That you must visited

Bali is one of the most beautiful regions in Indonesia. Spending your holiday in Bali with beautiful beaches and mountain views can be a good choice. Your interests toward Bali’s amazing culture and customs can also be developed by visiting numerous museums, galleries, and workshops spread in Bali. Here are several the best places to go in Bali.

Places to Travel in Bali That you must visited


Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches spread across the island. Not only on the main island, there are many small islands surrounding Bali you can visit. I am going to show you the amazing beaches on the main island. The most famous beach for tourists is Kuta in Badung, Bali. In the Kuta beach, you can do many activities, from just sitting and enjoying the sun and ambiance to learning to surf.

If you feel like you want to try learning to surf, you can start at Kuta with many guides and other new surfing learners. The waves are mostly safe and not too challenging for newbie surfers. Another beach you can relish is Seminyak beach. Soft white sand, amazing view of the sunset and great waves for surfer are the iconic things you will encounter at Seminyak.


If you are looking for a new experience of having dinner by the beach you can go to Jimbaran. Here, there are many restaurants lining up by the beach line with various kinds of seafood dishes such as fish, clam, and lobster. Every restaurant might provide you other different variation dishes as well as the environment. You can choose restaurants that provide you with an authentic Bali atmosphere by providing live Balinese music performance called gamelan Bali.

With all those compositions, you will have delicious food along with a peaceful combination sound of waves, wind, and Balinese gamelan. To go here you do not always have to be on holiday, if you are on a business travel, you can definitely have dinner here too with your business partners to freshen up a little bit.

Museum and Performance

Agung Rai Museum of Arts (ARMA) in Ubud, Gianyar provides you the best Kecak Rina dance, Legong dance, Topeng Jimat, Barong and Kris dance, and Legong Telek. Each performance has its own characteristic that you can enjoy in different schedules. Besides dance performances, you definitely can visit their art museum and attend cultural workshops with reservations in prior. For further information, you can check out their website on

Contacting online travel agent can also be an alternative choice for you to travel easier. Some online travel agents you might want to try are,, and By contacting them you might have even more options of places to visit with tour guides ready to explain or answer your questions regarding the places.

In addition, you might feel more secure as well as the travel agents have arranged the tour with your desired destinations and the transportations. Despite the current travel news of Lombok near Bali, it is still safe for you to travel there and enjoy Bali’s beautiful offerings with no fear.

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