6 Recommended Travel Websites to Visit before Traveling for Canadian Travelers

As business travel grows larger, there are several websites which focus on giving the latest information traveling as well as providing the visitors with a ticket or hotel booking service. Canada is one of the countries which use this service. Here, the list of online travel sites which commonly visited by Canadians.

6 Recommended Travel Websites to Visit before Traveling for Canadian Travelers


One of the best online travel sites canada is Tripadvisor.ca. This website is considered as a one-stop traveling service. You are able to find more information about hotels, restaurants, and attractions in the places you want to visit. If you need the detail, just follow the online forum to meet a local expert. You can ask some questions and let the local experts help to answer it clearly. You can also find a review from the previous travelers so you can consider whether you need to go to or use the place.


There is a case that you want to find information as well as book the things you need. Expedia.ca helps to facilitate that needs. After finding the complete information, you are able to book several things you need including flight, hotel, and even car rental. Interestingly, you can do it at once and it is cheaper than booked it separately. For a fast option, just use the all-inclusive packages and you just need to prepare yourself for the exploration.

Air Canada 

Flight is the important information you need to find before traveling. To accommodate such kind of need, you can use the service offered by Air Canada. This service is considered as the largest airline in Canada. This airline is ready to deliver their passengers to 182 different destinations. The way to book the flight is also easy to do. You just need to visit the website and follow the instruction to book a flight.


Westjet is also one of a reputable airline which serves their passengers well. This travel site is a good option for those who want to travel to Europe. The interesting part is that the airline launches its Westjet Loyalty program. This program gives a special offer for the passengers to travel with the higher tiers.


Booking is a must activity for the traveler and Booking.com is launched to fill this need. Just like the name of the site, you are able to book the best place just like you want. There are around 1.400.000 properties you can book in 226 countries. The metasearch engine helps to find the room exactly with the room you need most.

I Travel  

If you need more references, you can take itravel.com on your list. This travel site is a recommended site due to its great features. You can find the best accommodation and customize your dream vacation. For those who want to feel something different and unforgettable, the site guides you to take a unique travel experience.

It is not a problem if you want to find more information, especially if it is your first time to go there. The i travel customer service will help you to know everything about your new destination so you are sure and ready to go there for your next traveling.

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