Best Places to Vacation in the USA

U.S. travel information will allow you to access all pieces of information related to travel destination, places to stay, and many more. Here is the list of places you can go when you have a trip to USA.
Best Places to Vacation in the USA

New York City

Even though New York City is always crowded and evolving in a constant way, this city can blend the splendor of big city with the charm of small town. You can also feel the different vibrant culture of each neighborhood. The city is famous for the skyscrapers and the iconic landmarks.

If you want to visit the hipster boutique or trendy coffee shops and also the bakeries with yummy snacks, you can go to the East Village. For the art enthusiasts, you can go to the Met and MoMa to watch the Broadway.


The next best place for vacation in the USA is Philadelphia. It is rich of historical heritage and also the most visited cities among others in this country. Before it is moved to the Washington DC, Philadelphia was the capital city of USA.

This city will give you the interesting nightlife at night and museums in the daylight. Restaurants are so many and you can taste one by one when you are visiting Philly.

Honolulu – Oahu

Oahu is the place when the luxurious look of cosmopolitan meets the stunning views in Hawaiian island. As the capital city, this city shows the urban appeal of the island. Historic and cultural sites blend really well with the nightlife. You really cannot miss anything happen in this city because it is like heaven on earth.


Maui offers anything you can ask from Hawaii. Even though it is not as crowded as Oahu, small like Lanai or large like the Big Island, this place just feels right. Ranging from professional hula dancers to the snorkeling spots down there, you may get why this place could be one of best places to visit in USA.

Grand Canyon

We all agree that Grand Canyon is one of the must-visit places when you travel to USA. This is also included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites managed by the National Park Service. However, this place is pretty crowded in nowadays. The South Rim will be the popular place for all tourists. Meanwhile, the North Rim is the popular spot among the hardcore hikers. Still, Grand Canyon makes a nice vacation travel.

Safety Tips When You Stay at Hotels in Your Vacation

When you travel, most of you will stay at hotels, don’t you? In fact, hotel is the most important part of your vacation. This is the place, where you relax, rest and prepare your body and mind for your travel to the next destination on the next day. However, you can let your guard down, when you stay at hotel. You also need to be aware, so you won’t be victim of crime. Here, some tips to keep yourself safe when you stay at hotel in your vacation.
Safety Tips When You Stay at Hotels in Your Vacation

The Luggage

Stay close with your luggage. Most of people, unconsciously leave their luggage, and just enter the lobby to check in. This will only give the thief a chance to snatch your luggage. And, if you keep your clothes and other document inside your luggage, you will have big problem here.

The Room Floor

According to the safety expert, the room on the ground floor is easy to break in. Therefore, when you want to stay at a hotel, ask for room on the upper floor. The best floor is from third to sixth floors. The rooms in these floors are difficult to break in.


There are several things that you need to notice, when you are checking-in in some hotels.

  • The first one is your room number and your name. Honest staff won’t let other people know your name and room. However, there are some staffs that will say your room’s number out loud. If this happen, you need to ask other room, because you don’t know what will happen, if other people or that staff’s accomplice hear it. 
  • When you want to use your credit card, do not just place it on the counter table. Thief can easily see the numbers with camera. So, keep it in your hands. And, when the staff returns it to you, check it, and make sure it’s not fake or other’s credit card.
  • You also need to get business card of the hotel where you stay. You need to have two business cards, where you place one of them near the phone in your room, so you can easily call the staff when you need help. And, carry the other hand in your wallet or pocket. So, if you are lost, you can ask taxi driver to take you to your hotel.

Basically, those are what you need to pay more attention, when you stay at hotel. Those tips will help you to avoid many problems that usually happen on many travellers. With them, you will get best vacation.

Travel Money Tips for Best Vacation You Can Get

Do you know the first important thing that you need to consider, when you want to have vacation? The answer is your budget. Without right budget management, you bond to have problem in your vacation. So, here are some of travel money tips that you can use, to avoid the problem in your vacation.
Travel Money Tips for Best Vacation You Can Get

Buy Currency

When you want to go to other countries, make sure you buy their currency before you leave. Yes, you can change your money with that countries currency at the hotel or other place in that country. But, most of them will charge you with higher commission fee. So, you won’t get as much as what it should be.


Do not hesitate to haggle when you buy souvenir in other country. You may think this is difficult to do, because you don’t speak that and don’t understand that country language. However, most of store where you can bargain has easy way to bargain. Usually, you just need to show them how much you are willing to pay for product that you want with using calculator or similar device. Then, you will get the best price, which means save your money.

Make Detailed Plan

Make sure you plan everything that you want to do in your vacation, such as what you want to buy, the hotels and many more. If you use travel agent, they will have detailed schedule. But, you may need to spend your own money for buying the souvenir and such. You can always use internet to find the information about price of the souvenir and culinary that you can buy at your vacation destination.

Tipping Customs

Giving a tip is important, when you travel to other places. However, you also need to know the customs or habit in that country for tipping. That way you don’t need to worry about giving too much tips. Plus, you also can save more money with this information.


Pay attention to your surrounding and keep your wallet in safest place. It would be better, if you split your money and place the rest of your money in other place other than your wallet. Although you don’t want to be victim of pickpocket, but if you get the problem, you won’t need to worry about your money. You have the backup. If you can follow those money tips, you will be able to get best experiences as travellers.

Best Island Destinations in the World

Do you want to have vacation in the best islands in the world? Actually, there are many best travel countries where you can find these islands. What you need to do is choosing the right island in order to get best vacation. So, here are some of best choices you can choose for your vacation.
Best Island Destinations in the World

Phuket Island

This is the Thailand’s largest island. Located in Southern Thailand, this island is the best destination you can choose, if you want to escape from this world and visit the real paradise on Earth. Phuket has beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear sea around it. There is also beautiful cliff structure on some of beaches in this island, which make it like totally different world.

The best of all, you don’t need to spend too much money in Phuket Island. Everything that you can get in this island is available at affordable price. Food, hotel and even different accommodations, like spa or tours, can be purchased without spending too much money. This island is also well-known as top tourist destination of Thailand. Therefore, you will find many facilities that will help tourist and foreigner.

British Virgin Islands

For travelers who want to experiences the classy and premium island vacation, this is the best choice. Everything here is made for high class travelers. The hotel, service, facilities and accommodation are the best in the world.

More than that, you also can enjoy the high class vacation, like touring with yacht; enjoy private beach and many other. This island is the best place, if you want to escape from your stressful daily routine. If you want to know more, you can always use us travel information for more references.

Corfu Island

The scenery and condition in this island is used by Shakespeare for his story. Therefore, you can expect some of beautiful scenery here. The green landscape is the most interesting part of this island. And, if you visit this field, you also can find the scent of olives and citrus. It’s so relaxing.

Corfu Island also has many areas you must visit. For example, you can go to Palaio Frourio. You will find magnificent architecture masterpiece you can capture with your camera here. Or, you also can go to Corfu Museum of Asian Art, for enjoying the beautiful art from many artist and era. Basically, you will get the best experience in your vacation trip here.

Best Islands in the World for Vacation

Choosing vacation destination can be really difficult task to do. There are many reasons why you can face this predicament. One of them is too many options out there. So, to help you to get that problem solved, here we short them up for you. These are best islands in the world you can choose for vacation.
Best Islands in the World for Vacation

Santorini Island

This island is well-known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The scenery as well as the architecture in this island will be able the please your eyes and heart. And that’s not all. You also can find beautiful beaches as well as the remains of Greek ancient kingdom. It feels like you’re entering the whole new world.

Close to Santorini, try to visit Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni for amazing experiences. Then, you also can explore Ancient Thera to see the remains of ancient kingdom from closer distance. Plus, from this place, you also can enjoy beautiful scenery of the caldera.

Oahu Island

Located in Hawaii and this is one of the biggest island in this paradise. Honolulu is also located in this island. What you can find in Oahu is combination between natural scenery and modern area. So, if you visit this island, you just need to go to the North Shore, and you will find the amazing natural area.

Beautiful beach, trekking route, biking area and many other adventures can be found here. Then, for experiencing the vacation travel in modern area, just go to Honolulu. This island is complete package for your vacation.


This is the well-known paradise that everyone must visit once in their lifetime. Bali is the island where you can get everything that you need. If you want to enjoy the beautiful nature scenery, you can find it here. Beaches, paddy field, mountain, sacred forest, you just named it, and Bali has all of them for you.

For you who want to have fun and great nightlife, Bali also has many clubs and bar for you. For food traveler, Balinese cuisine has ability to, not only satisfy your palate, but also give you different experiences in tasting.

The last but not least, Bali is the home of more than 60 challenging surfing spots for adrenaline seeker. It’s like skiptrace, where you might get confused and can’t decide what you want to do and visit in Bali. But, you don’t to be troubled. Just choose one, and guaranteed you will get the best vacation in your life.